Overcoming a Unique Challenge: How One World Express has responded to the coronavirus pandemic

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In the 22 years since One World Express was founded, the business has had to overcome many challenges. The dotcom boom (and burst), the 2008 global finance crisis, and Brexit; to name but a few.   But the coronavirus pandemic has presented an entirely new set of circumstances that we have had to adapt to. [...]

The importance of global trade to the UK’s economic recovery

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The UK economy, like the economies of most developed countries around the world, has been significantly damaged by the coronavirus pandemic. According to the Office for National Statistics (ONS), the economy is “in the doldrums”, having contracted by 24.5% since February 2020.   There are reasons to be optimistic, though. For one, the ONS’ latest [...]

Technology has democratised eCommerce so sole traders can take on multinationals

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There was a time when international sales were only reserved for large corporations; it was only they that could overcome the prohibitive transport, regulatory, and marketing costs to sell cross-border.   Over the course of the 20th Century, economic globalisation saw the largest consumer companies (Coca-Cola, Nike, and so forth) become ubiquitous across every continent [...]

One World Express becomes certified WCA eCommerce member

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One World Express is pleased to announce that it is now a certified member of the WCA eCommerce network.   WCA is the world’s largest network of independent freight forwarders, with over 9,288 member offices in 191 countries around the world. Its eCommerce network brings together businesses that specialise in cross-border trade.   We have [...]

The barriers preventing cross-border trade and how to overcome them

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  British businesses that export their products or services internationally remain in the minority.   According to Government data, some 10% of UK SMEs export abroad, while 42% of large companies are doing so. Putting to one side the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, the general trend was that these figures were on the rise; [...]

Finding opportunities amidst the challenges of coronavirus

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The coronavirus pandemic has been hugely damaging for economies around the world. A cursory glance at the day’s news and it becomes clear that many organisations are fearing the worst.   Last week, for example, the British Chambers of Commerce released its new business confidence tracker. It surveyed 600 UK firms, finding that a third [...]

Easter: Opening Hours

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Please see below our opening times over Easter period. April 10th               – Good Friday                    – Closed April 11th              – Saturday                          – 8AM to 12PM April 12th              – Easter Sunday                – Closed April 13th              – Easter Monday              [...]

BREXIT: Import VAT Rules may be changing if no deal

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Introducing the changes to UK import VAT rules on parcels sent to UK buyers if the UK leaves the European Union on the 29 March 2019 (Updated - 31st October 2019) without a deal.     " UK buyers will need to pay the UK import VAT, customs or excise duty for parcels worth more [...]

One World Express now offered on Parcel2Go

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  One World Express, a leading cross-border solutions provider, is now a service option on leading comparison website, Parcel2Go.   Global CEO of One World Express – Atul Bhakta has the vision to create solutions which will help SME’s in the UK export into new markets globally.  Our logistics knowledge and strategic partnerships allow One [...]