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ONE WORLD EXPRESS: Pioneering Global Logistics Innovation

Founded in 1998, ONE WORLD EXPRESS GROUP (OWE) transitioned from a UK express carrier to a global logistics leader, offering a tech-driven platform that manages over 10,000 tariffs for worldwide deliveries. OWE provides comprehensive solutions, including transport, fulfillment, customs, and returns.

By integrating with top marketplaces and eCommerce platforms, OWE streamlines global order management. With a footprint across key global markets and a specialized European division established in 2016, OWE continues to expand its innovative logistics services to meet diverse client needs.

One World Express's Collaborative Model

One World Express champions a collaborative brokerage platform, fostering partnerships worldwide to innovate shipping solutions. Through shared access to extensive postal and delivery networks, we unlock B2C delivery modes globally. Our transparent platform leverages existing contracts to streamline last-mile delivery, offering clients and partners access to over 10,000 competitive tariffs.

This collaborative approach boosts our purchasing power annually, yielding better rates and service charges well below the industry average. Both customers and partners gain from reduced costs, thanks to consolidated volumes and economies of scale, enhancing overall efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Leading Innovation in eCommerce Logistics with One World Express

Since 2016, One World Express has been pioneering an IT-driven eCommerce ecosystem to address the gap in seamless cross-border eCommerce processes—from initial online purchase through to global delivery. This ecosystem enhances our service offerings, connecting with numerous marketplaces, eCommerce platforms, and carriers, ensuring a comprehensive solution for eMerchants and logistics service providers alike.

Our mission is to deliver unmatched, cost-effective, and cutting-edge services. Leveraging our skilled team, proprietary technology, and the latest innovations, we're committed to fulfilling the distinct needs of our clients with top-tier quality solutions.

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Enhancing Online Retail with One World's Premier Solutions

One World stands at the forefront of offering premium, cost-effective e-commerce solutions for online sellers, both domestically and internationally. Our global partnerships position us as leaders in the cross-border e-commerce space, enabling us to provide unparalleled services and innovative solutions.

Through our advanced "Smarttrack" technology platform and a single API connection, online sellers gain access to over 130+ carriers for comprehensive omni-channel delivery options worldwide.

Smarttrack seamlessly connects with top-tier logistics partners for both first and last mile delivery, ensuring a swift, reliable, and fully transparent shipping process. This integration enhances seller performance and elevates the customer experience with a variety of delivery options, including semi-tracked and fully tracked solutions, local couriers, and global express services, all aimed at supporting sellers in achieving excellence.

25+ years of shipping innovation

Proudly an Associate Member of IATA since 2005, One World Express has been at the forefront of integrating global best practices and standards in aviation and logistics. This affiliation underlines our commitment to excellence and safety in international shipping and air transport services.

We are proud to highlight key milestones in our journey towards operational excellence and regulatory compliance. In 2007, we achieved NES Approval, a testament to our adherence to national export systems and standards. This was followed by LVBI Approval in 2008, marking our compliance with low-value bulks import regulations. Our dedication to fostering strong partnerships and enhancing our service offerings was further recognized in 2011 with MOU Approval, and again in 2013 with the approval of our MOU Transfer, showcasing our ability to successfully navigate and adapt to regulatory environments. These achievements reflect our unwavering commitment to providing reliable and efficient services to our customers worldwide.

In 2016, we proudly became a Fully Accredited Member, a significant achievement that underscores our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of service and compliance in the logistics industry. This accreditation is a testament to our team's hard work, expertise, and commitment to excellence, further solidifying One World Express as a trusted partner in global logistics solutions.

In a landmark year for us, 2019 saw several major accomplishments for One World Express. We received fhdds Approval, signifying our compliance with the highest data standards and operational integrity. The year was further marked by strategic growth through the acquisition of VIVA Xpress, expanding our capabilities and reach. Additionally, we achieved Authorized Economic Operator (AEO) status in the UK, recognizing our role as a secure and efficient participant in the international supply chain. These milestones not only enhance our service portfolio but also reaffirm our commitment to excellence and trustworthiness in global trade."

In 2020, we achieved a significant milestone with BIRDS Approval, highlighting our commitment to regulatory compliance and operational excellence in our services. Continuing our trajectory of growth and expansion, 2021 was marked by the strategic acquisition of Post 'n' Packages. This move not only broadened our service offerings but also strengthened our position in the market, allowing us to deliver even more comprehensive and efficient logistics solutions to our clients. These achievements reflect our ongoing dedication to innovation, customer service, and becoming a leader in the global logistics industry.

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