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Connectedness is at the heart of a thriving global logistics industry

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  • May 24,2022
  • By Admin

The logistics industry is, in many ways, like a fine watch - if you deconstruct it into its discrete constituent parts, and choose a piece at random, you will find something remarkable; in its efficiency, its economy, or the simple beauty of a craft honed over decades.

That said, each piece belongs as part of a greater and interdependent whole. Should one element fail to perform its function, the entire piece slows to a crawl. Logistics, in much the same way, must be globally intersected to work. Without fluid and seamless interconnectivity, all the infrastructure and innovation of the logistics industry would be merely a marvel to behold, rather than the underpinning force guiding global growth.

It is for this reason that One World Express is proud to have sponsored the World Mail and Express - Europe, Middle East & Africa conference this week.

Our team were on the ground in Dubai, meeting with delegates to share ideas, knowledge and solutions with representatives from the logistics industry globally. These events are always a keen reminder of the importance of building relationships reaching into all corners of the world.

The logistics industry enables businesses, small businesses, sole traders and consumers alike to connect on a global scale. With international eCommerce markets booming, and cross-border trade facing a unique set of challenges due to the after-effects of the Covid-19 pandemic and world affairs, the sector must be smart and agile to continue facilitating growth. In the UK, logistics is a revenue driver worth 10% of all non-financial business – inarguably, it is a pillar of the economy.

Reflect this outward to every country in the world, and you start to get a sense of the variety of perspectives and experiences held within the sector. So, making these connections and learning from our peers who are meeting different challenges to hold up their end of the bargain is important work in supporting the future of the industry.

It’s not just about ideas – it’s about driving innovation. In the UK, we know many of the challenges we must overcome – from limited warehousing supply to a sharp rise in online retail orders. Talking best practice with delegates at events like this helps bring a fresh perspective, and also identify opportunities to collaborate. For instance, how can Europe and Asia work more closely to improve efficiencies – and would this coalescence be driven by infrastructural, or technological change? The views of both sides are needed to bring the seeds of an idea to bloom.

One World Express is proud to contribute in any way it can to these developments. Not only does it support the sector, but also helps bring about better results for merchants, from sole traders to SMEs. Bringing about better service through collaboration and innovation means helping others grow their business and achieve their international ambitions – which, at the end of the day, is what we’re all about.