Customer information around cross-border shipping and OWE SMART software

What are dangerous goods?2017-08-30T11:57:42+00:00

The category “dangerous goods” includes generally all toxic, corrosive, radioactive, easily flammable and environmentally harmful goods.

Even harmless articles have been classified by authorities as dangerous goods. These include perfumes, deodorants and also nail polish. But also goods, which contain lithium batteries like laptops and mobile phones, are excluded from the transport.

Dangerous goods are classified into nine classes according to the nature of their hazardousness:

  1. Explosives
  2. Gases
  3. Flammable Liquids
  4. Flammable Solids
  5. Oxidizing Substances
  6. Toxic & Infectious Substances
  7. Radioactive Material
  8. Corrosives
  9. Miscellaneous Dangerous Goods

The following goods are not promoted by our shipping partners:

  • Airbags
  • Corrosive substances
  • Batteries / accumulators
  • Anesthetics
  • Biological Substances
  • Flammable liquids
  • Combustible substances
  • Electronic devices containing lithium batteries
  • Fire extinguishers
  • Lighters
  • Gases
  • poisons
  • Used engines
  • Dangerous objects (according to dangerous goods ordinance)
  • Stolen items
  • Body parts or mortal remains of humans
  • Lithium batteries and cells
  • Medicines
  • Nail polish
  • Pesticides
  • Jewellery
  • Firearms within the meaning of § 1 Weapons Act as well as air pressure guns, guns, rifles and ammunition
  • Aerosol cans
  • Explosives
  • Strokes
  • Animals
  • Dry ice
  • Oil

If you are unsure whether one of your products falls into one of these categories, please contact our customer service: info@oneworldexpress.de

Is there any other support by OWE for integration?2018-12-12T09:45:13+00:00

When you need help, please send an email to our service team (info@oneworldexpress.com). One of our IT experts will get in touch with you soon

How to get shipping rates2017-08-30T11:57:43+00:00

Just send a us a request for quotation and you will get a free calculated offer based on your data you fill in the form.

In which countries can I send my shipments?2017-08-30T11:57:44+00:00

We offer cross border shipping in each country worldwide.

I have a contract with a used carrier, can I use the rates of OWE?2017-08-30T11:57:44+00:00

You have the possibility to use the tariffs and contracts of One World Express or your own contracts with carriers. In the last case we will charge a fee per generated label.

I would like to send more than 1000 parcels per month? Are there any discounts?2018-12-06T16:57:59+00:00

Yes! Please contact our service team (info@oneworldexpress.com) to get more information for any discounts.

How is the pick-up process structured?2017-08-30T11:57:45+00:00

By filling in your shipment data you can order a cost-free collection by choosing one of three options:

  1. Collection from your home address
  2. Free delivery to OWE Hub
  3. Direct entry in destination country
How is the return process structured?2018-12-12T09:57:30+00:00

The return process will be individual structured by adapting the client needs. Please contact our service team for more information (info@oneworldexpress.com).

Is there a contract period by using rates and software by OWE?2017-08-30T11:57:46+00:00

No, there isn´t any contract period.

Who is the contract partner of my shipment?2018-12-12T09:55:00+00:00

One World Express Inc. Ltd. is the contract partner of your shipments.

Who must I go to in order to get higher insurance?2018-12-12T09:58:15+00:00

Please contact our service team (info@oneworldexpress.com) to clarify the option of a higher insurance.

Costs associated with OWE2017-08-30T11:57:47+00:00

It is free to sign up with OWE – we do not charge monthly fees, set up fees, or cancellation fees. Also using our tariffs or our shipping software SMART is free of charges. If you use your own tariffs and contracts with our SMART you will pay a label fee of x for any live shipping label you create.

Where is my parcel? I can not track the status for my package.2017-08-30T11:57:47+00:00

Please contact directly the relevant carrier to get more information.

I did not received my package, what should I do with it?2017-08-30T11:57:47+00:00

If you did not receive the goods by the expected delivery date, please contact the seller/online retailer directly for more information. In many cases, One World Express is the 3rd party logistics provider and not the courier that will deliver your package directly to your delivery address. One World partners with logistics firms to deliver your package directly to your home once it has arrived in your country of residence, such as Royal Mail in the United Kingdom, for Example who will be responsible to hand your package directly to your doorstep.

If you have a tracking number, you can also contact us directly with the tracking number so we can investigate the reasons for the delay of your package.

I have a problem or a questions which isn´t listed in the FAQ. What ist he best way to contact you?2017-08-30T11:57:48+00:00

Please contact our service team (info@oneworldexpress.de) for any other questions.

How to register at SMART2017-08-30T11:57:48+00:00

For registration at SMART, please send an email to our service team (info@oneworld.de) providing following data:

  • Company name
  • Adress
  • Contact person
  • Mail adress
  • Invoice adress
  • Adress for returns

Subsequently / Then we create a new user account and send you your login data.

How to refund a label in SMART2017-08-30T11:57:48+00:00

Create an new shipment and provide the destination adress in SMART. After clicking the button „send“ you will get displayed the label in a pop-up window as pfd file.

Note: Please ensure that the pop-up function is activated in your browser!

How to upload a CSV file2017-08-30T11:57:49+00:00

You have the possibility to upload data of multiple shipments as csv file. Use our predefined csv file by clicking „Template“.

How to look for tracking status2017-08-30T11:57:49+00:00
How to export shipments in SMART2017-08-30T11:57:50+00:00

There are two options to export your shipments:

  1. Select your shipments and choose in the tab „action“ the option „export“. All data will be download as csv file.
  2. Using the button “Export shipments”, you have the possibility to export shipments that have been created in a certain time period into a csv file by entering start and end dates and clicking on “generate”.